How can I make quick money?

Hi so in this blog post, i will help you to earn 100$ a month by spending 1 hour time every day for 30 days

The main content here is selling canva pro accounts there may be no one who does not know about Canva so im not going to say anything here about canva

According to recent research, 70% of people who earn money online have a canva account but they’re limited to the Canva free version because of the high fee of canva normally canva website charge 12$ a month from Canva pro users not everyone have enough money to pay that fee

So the main point here is every Canva free version user wants to use Canva Pro but because of the high amount of fee they ignore it

So here we are going to give our entry

so we going to sell them Canva Pro account for a cheaper price like 1$ with 3 years of validity

Your brain may now pop up with a question about where I can buy this and how much it costs me to buy this

simple answer is

we will give you a Canva Pro admin panel where you can add 500 members do you know what the price of the admin panel is just 3.20$ with a validity of 3 years

all you have to do is find your customers from social media groups and tell them about your service and what you offer them and then when they are interested on your service collect a small amount of money like 1$ per account

and give them the membership adding their email

For further inquiries contact us

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