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Unlimited google drive


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This is a google account packed with full of functions like other google accounts such as Gmail, google drive, etc. However, the special feature of this type of account is the ability to store unlimited memory while the google account is only 15Gb.

Very attractive, right? By using this type of account, you can safely store data without fear of running out of memory. With this account, you have no need to worry about the needs to add or remove any data but saving data as much as you want.

Google Drive allows you:

  • Share / lock sharing easily and quickly with just one click.
  • Manage and navigate files extremely neat and easy.
  • Use the Google Vault service to store and send unlimited email.
  • Maximum upload – download speed.
  • Store files up to 5TB per file.
  • Store everything – photos, videos, stories, designs, drawings, transcripts, etc.
  • Sync and view your content anywhere and on any device.
  • Share any file and folder without email attachments.


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